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Effect of Repeated Carbohydrate Mouth Rinsing on Female’s Sprint Power Output
Rinsing of carbohydrate in the oral cavity has been shown to improve performance especially in endurance type activities. The exact mechanism responsible for this ergogenic effect remains unestablished but it is speculated that related to carbohydrate receptors in oral cavity which increase neural drive. A randomised double-blind crossover counterbalanced study design was used to examine the effects of repeated carbohydrate mouth rinsing (%6.4 maltodextrine) on physically active female’s 30-s sprint power output on a cycle ergometer. Fifteen physically active female (age 20.87 ± 2 years) completed the following 10-second mouth rinse trials; a-) %6.4 carbohydrate solution (Cho) b-) water as a placebo (PLA). Repeated mouth rinsing was carried out with 8x25 ml doses of the flavour matched solutions at 30-s intervals during 5 minutes warm up. Immediately after the last rinsing, participants cycled 30-second maximal sprint on a cycle ergometer. Peak Power and Mean Power output were obtained via cycle ergometer software, blood glucose (BG), blood lactate (BL), heart rate (HR) and rating of perceived exertion (RPE) at rest, immediately after test and several time points in active and passive recovery period were assessed. Compared with the PLA trials, Cho didn’t significantly increase peak and mean power output (P>0,05). As for RPE, BG, BL and HR parameters, there wasn’t statistical significance between trials though.

cycling performance, mouthwash, ergogenic aids, wingate

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