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Assessment of Physical Fitness: Focusing on Grade 8th to 10th Class Students
(Assessment of Physical Fitness: Focusing on Grade 8th to 10th Class Students )

Author : Muhammad Safdar LUQMAN  , Salahuddin KHAN, Alamgir KHAN, Wasim KHAN  
Type :
Printing Year : 2018
Number : 28
Page : 328-338



In developed countries of the world, a variety of test batteries have been developed in accordance with their own environment. With the help of these test batteries, they are successfully selecting players for different games or event. We in Pakistan are starving in term of test and consequently failing in achieving satisfactory performance in various sports activities. Hence, a study was conducted with the aim to develop test batteries for the assessment of fitness level. For this purpose, 2184 students of 8th to 10th classes were conveniently selected and participated in the study. For analysis of data mean and standard deviation were used. The researcher found poor physical fitness among the students. Therefore, it is recommended that the teachers and parents should make it obligatory to take proper care of their students/children’s physical fitness by providing a healthy diet and also allow them to participate in sports activities.

Assessment, Physical Fitness, Students, Test battery

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